The SoundAdviceUK label is a record label which not only produces and publicises a diverse range of great music from unsigned bands, but also supports the artists to an unprecedented level.

SAUK recognises the changing face of the music industry, and the difficulty bands face in promoting themselves in such a competitive industry. Our compilation albums comprise of tracks from some of the best unsigned bands around – we produce and promote the CD at no cost to the artist, and the artists receive 100% of the profits from downloads. We have a rare bond of loyalty and trust with our artists, and our one ambition is to make the music they produce as widely heard as possible. In this respect, the SoundAdvice label is truly a label for musicians.

The SoundAdviceUK label was started by SoundAdviceUK, a music and media project that has been running for 3 years. The artists on the label were found at festivals and gigs that SAUK were filming and the gigs that the project regularly put on. The SAUK aim is to create an inspirational and ethical organisation that supports music of every genre, offers training and work opportunities and becomes a role model for a more socially balanced and creative way to work and life.

We are very professional but very relaxed, encourage participation and offer support and advice to help promote musicians and music. Find out more at www.soundadviceuk.com

The Label Team

jake Jake Murray: Label Manager
Habitat: Dark underground basements
Distinguishing features: jerky movements, the more excited Jake gets the more uncoordinated he becomes, always knows best
Noise: Sudden dramatic outbursts with a Liverpudlian twang
Diet: Herbivore
Appearance: Predominantly dark and almost cool
jodie Jodie Adams: Project Manager
oli Oli K-H: Label Manager
Habitat: Grassy fields of joy
Distinguishing features: Always accompanied by a bike…otherwise known as Old Rusty
Noise: Sentences punctuated with foul language
Diet: Second helpings
Appearance: Erratic and eccentric multicoloured clothing, known to wear top hats
steph Stephanie Roberts: Label Manager
Habitat: Occupies immaculate house. Everything is nicely in its place
Distinguishing features: Always early. Steph is quite partial to a high five and a smile.
Noise: Words of wisdom (Steph wrote this)
Diet: Music. Steph has never been seen to eat or drink
Appearance: Blue Eyes, Long Hair, Duffle Coat
juan Juan Janes: Label Manager
Habitat: Occuppies celebrity houses. Ref: Cuckoo
Distinguishing features: The Juan is an adoring father shown in their offsprings mirroring image
Noise: not known for great amounts of noise, but when he does make himself heard it’s wisely Argentinian
Diet: wine, cigarettes and humus
Appearance: well groomed
weiny Weiny Markos: Label Manager
Habitat: Colourful floordrobe
Distinguishing features: Absence of presence
Noise: Laughter
Diet: Lasagne and milkshakes
Appearance: Sleek, most well groomed of the females
dominic Dominic Kasteel: Label Manager
Habitat: Behind desk
Distinguishing features: Strange goatee
Noise: Constant
Diet: Whatever delight he rustles up (currently mostly elderflower based)